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Build and Grow YouTube


Build and Grow YouTube

This Build and Grow your YouTube Channel will be conducted by: PrettyKeli

This expert has 500K YouTube Subscribers and over 24 Million Views

She is also Google Certified for YouTube Channel Subscriber Growth

Your YouTube Channel will be created with the help of our expert.

She will explain the Keys to YouTube Success as she helps you create your YouTube Channel

PrettyKeli will work with you to create and design all of the things you need to have a SUCCESSFUL YouTube Channel such as:

  • Main Image
  • Banner
  • First Thumbnail
  • Thumbnail Layout
  • Description
  • SEO (channel, Video, and off platform)
  • Title
  • Channel Name
  • Edit First Video
  • Social Media Marketing Material for Instagram
  • Social Media Marketing Material for Facebook
  • 30 Day Action Plan for Success
  • 7 Day Follow-up Channel Evaluation

This process can take up to 30 Days depending on Scheduling*
Requires 30min Text or Phone conversation DAILY for 30 days maximum

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Learning through trial and error is a tough way to learn. Using that method causes you to waste precious time, money, effort and energy.

Great News! Our experts have put in the time and worked hard to figure out a formula that works so you don’t have to!

Simply Purchase a Package, Service, or Ebook and let one of our experts work with you to help you achieve your goals.


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